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 What Friday's papers say

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PostSubject: What Friday's papers say   What Friday's papers say I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2011 4:27 am


Journalist Liz Kennedy takes a look at what is making the headlines in Friday's newspapers.

PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott wants to attend the next Sinn Fein ard fheis.

That's the lead in the Belfast Telegraph, as it marks a decade since the founding of the force.

The paper's editorial says that this is "a good move" and that it will be "interesting" to see the response of the political party.

In an interview in the News Letter, Matt Baggott said that the PSNI is "shackled by over-regulation."

He was also asked how he felt about republican commemorations, which "still eulogise" the murder of RUC officers.

He said that "the murder of any police officer is wrong and that it is an atrocity."

And "nine more nurses" are linked with child abuse claims, according to the Irish News.

That's at the former psychiatric hospitals Lissue and Forster Green in the 1980s and 90s.

Inside the paper, editor Noel Doran has published a statement, reacting to a claim by Hugh Connor - the chairman-designate of the Northern Ireland Safeguarding Board - that the paper's reporting on the issue has been sensationalist.

Mr Doran says that he stands by their coverage over the last eight days and looks forward to a statement by the health minister on the subject in the assembly on Monday.

And Greece is under examination everywhere as well as the corresponding turmoil in the eurozone.

That's the lead in the Irish Times and inside the paper it says that Europe "without Greece is no longer anathema to leaders."
Royal banquet

The paper's correspondents report from the talks in Cannes on the global economy.

And they write that the G20 summit is " not the stage-managed glory fest" that the hosting French president Nicolas Sarkozy was hoping for.

The London papers take up the Greek theme, reviewing its Prime Minister George Papandreou's performance as "a series of political pirouettes".

And the Guardian has a look around Europe, warning that it's "not just Greece" in crisis.

The Daily Telegraph says that Silvio Berlusconi is "fighting for his political life" because of the eurozone crisis, but it pictures the Italian prime minster adjusting his tie, as he casts a glance at Cristina Fernandez, the president of Argentina.

"Return of the leerer" is the caption.

Medical stories abound on Friday morning.

Good news from the Daily Telegraph, which is reporting that a new drug for advanced prostate cancer is being hailed as a "huge advance" in the treatment of the disease.

Interim results from a global trial have found that patients given the drug lived - on average - almost five months longer than those who took a dummy pill.

But there's a "cancer alert" on overcooked meat according to the Daily Express and advice as to smaller portions.

The recommendation by experts, however, that a weekly menu should contain no more than one steak, two slices of roast lamb, one pork chop and a portion of mince will seem like a royal banquet to many.

And finally, life in the fast lane for man's best friend...

The Times has the story of the dog with his own sidecar.

His Harley Davidson owner has bought his St Bernard (Harley) his own helmet and goggles.

And now the 17-month-old pooch has the wind in his hair, in a Wallace and Gromit kind of way. A classic picture and "born to be wild", indeed.

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What Friday's papers say
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